Frameless Medicine Cabinets

In most bathrooms, space is already an issue. Baths are confined, and homeowners must often get creative to make these areas as functional as possible. Our solid wood bathroom medicine cabinets are the ideal solution. These custom medicine cabinets are mirrorless, create a small footprint in your bathroom and have enough room to store all of your items while adding an attractive accent to your space.  Because we know that most customers are looking for cabinets without a mirror, we proudly offer all of our cabinets without mirror doors by default.  Although there are over 30 different door styles you can choose from to customize your cabinet, several of which are mirror doors.  So if you really want a mirror door, you can get one.

What Is a Frameless Medicine Cabinet?

Frameless cabinets are different from the cabinets in your kitchen or the usual medicine cabinets you’ve seen. While most medicine cabinets include an inner box and an outer decorative frame, a frameless cabinet consists only of the box and door.  But you still need something to cover the rough edges of the drywall around the opening.  So our frameless medicine cabinets include a thin plastic trim surround which serves that purpose, and the door covers it completely when it’s closed so you only see it when you open the cabinet.  This arrangement makes the projection from the wall as minimal as possible because only the door is outside the wall surface.  All of our cabinets are screwed together.  Look at any cabinet on the market and you’ll find that they are nailed, stapled or glued together.   What will that do in a humid environment like a bathroom?   Screwing them together is the only way to keep them together and make them last seemingly forever.  Without the added bulk of a frame on the outside of the wall, solid wood frameless medicine cabinets are more compact and provide a clean, modern look once installed.

The Benefits of Our Concealed Recessed Medicine Cabinets

Our mirrorless medicine cabinets have a design that makes them even more unique than traditional frameless cabinetry. Instead of mounting on the wall and sticking out into the room, these custom bath medicine cabinets are recessed into the wall, fitting inside to create more room using space you already had available. Whether you are performing a top-to-bottom remodel or looking for a way to upgrade your existing bathroom design, these custom recessed medicine cabinets deliver multiple benefits, including:

Solid Wood Construction

We manufacture all of our inset medicine cabinets in the USA using solid wood construction for lasting durability and an attractive finished appearance. The boxes are constructed using solid pine and the doors are solid maple — a light-colored hardwood that looks beautiful naturally or readily accepts paint and stain, making it ideal for a concealed bathroom cabinet with no mirror.

Custom Sizing Available

Off the shelf, medicine cabinets come in limited sizes and there is no such thing as a “standard” size, but bathrooms come in unlimited designs. Whether you need discreet storage for just a few items or a large recessed medicine cabinet or pantry-style cabinet to accommodate everything, our designs can be custom sized to virtually any size desired to complement your unique home layout.  And if you already have an opening in the wall that you are trying to find a cabinet to fit into – good luck.  When you’re done doing an exhaustive search and have ordered, tried and returned several you “thought” might fit, you’ll realize you should have come to us first.  If you need a custom size, you simply tell us the width and height of the opening you have, and we make the desired cabinet model you choose TO FIT your existing opening.  That way, we know that when you get it, it will simply slip right in.

Free U.S. Shipping

All of our solid wood frameless medicine cabinets qualify for free shipping anywhere in the continental U.S. Lead times on most custom orders range between two to four weeks, depending on what you are ordering and what customizations you are choosing.  We even have some in stock which can ship immediately following our strict quality inspection.

Multipurpose Storage

A bath medicine cabinet recessed into the wall provides a multipurpose storage area you can use to keep the bathroom feeling open while organizing your small items. The glass shelves are adjustable and easy to clean – just put them in the dishwasher.

Space-Saving Cabinets

These cabinets mount inside the drywall, with the box snugly positioned between the studs in your wall. When the door is closed, the cabinet door is the only thing you will see on the wall. Our standard cabinet depth is 3.5 inches, but many depth options exist to get an extra-deep recessed medicine cabinet – even if you only have standard 2×4 walls.

Non-Mirrored Medicine Cabinets

Our medicine cabinets have no mirror. With a solid wood door in your choice of paint, stain and design, these frameless medicine cabinets are an elegant upgrade and stand apart from the other available options on the market.

Add a Custom Touch to Your Bathroom Design

Browse our solid wood bathroom medicine cabinets to find a style that fits your bathroom design, and be sure to explore the full range of customization options available. To buy a recessed medicine cabinet or to get help placing an order, please call (913) 829-6000 or contact us online and we will get back to you soon.