Recessed Spice Cabinets

Recessed spice cabinets provide an attractive space to store and conceal all your spices, herbs, teas and more. These built-in wall spice racks are customizable to match your home decor, crafted using solid wood and made to order in a wide range of sizes. They provide you with more storage space without taking up valuable square footage.

How Do In-Wall Spice Cabinets Work?

Our recessed spice cabinets are built-in wall spice racks that you can install yourself using simple tools. These products let you place your kitchen spices where you can easily reach them while cooking, but keep them concealed when not in use.

Once you have a spot in mind, you can quickly measure your work area and get started. Cut out the drywall, slide your recessed spice cabinet between the studs and set your adhesive. The cabinet frame hides all the cuts for a professional result regardless of your experience level.

Why Buy a Recessed Spice Cabinet From WG Wood Products?

A recessed spice cabinet is the perfect kitchen upgrade, whether you cook with a handful of spices or keep a stockpile. These in-wall spice racks offer multiple advantages for anyone looking to get more from their space.


We manufacture our built-in wall spice racks using high-quality solid pine with doors made from solid maple. They last much longer than products made from particleboard, and you can always paint them again to change the look.


With our products, you’re the designer. We offer complete customization of multiple details, including the cabinet size, design and wood finish.


We make it as simple as possible to order the cabinetry you want and get what you expect. We’ll make sure to get all the details right for a finished product that looks fantastic in your home.

Questions to Ask Before Purchasing a Spice Cabinet

Ordering what you need is easy. If you want to make your process even smoother, there are a couple of questions you can start thinking about.

What Size Do I Need?

We have in-wall spice cabinets available in multiple standard sizes. Custom sizes are also available by request. Think about the space and how many spices you want to store to get an idea.

Which Wood Finish Do I Prefer?

You can order your recessed spice cabinet in your choice of over a dozen paints and stains to complement your space. Samples are available upon request to help you place your order with confidence.

What Other Options Do I Want?

Other customization options are available to help you get the exact spice cabinet you want. We offer hinge restrictor clips, LED lighting and a collection of hardware upgrades. We can also build cabinets for 2×6 studs.

Order With WG Wood Products Today

Our recessed spice cabinets meet the requirements for free shipping and most ship within 10 to 30 days. Click on any product to begin customizing yours. Have a few questions? Feel free to fill out our contact form or call us at 913-829-6000.