Double Door Cabinets

What if you could create an attractive storage space without losing any elbow room? You can achieve that goal with our double-door wall cabinets that recess into your walls. At WG Wood Products, we build cabinets using solid wood and skilled precision for a quality product that looks great in your home. Browse the options we have available to see how you can customize yours.

Why Choose Double-Door Cabinets?

Bathrooms are often the smallest rooms in the house. Their capacity means that keeping things clean and tidy requires creative thinking. Our double-door wall cabinets provide an excellent solution, delivering multiple benefits regardless of your bathroom’s size, layout or style.

More Space

These double-door storage cabinets fit inside your drywall and sit between the studs, letting you take advantage of your walls’ open space. This design means you can clear your countertops and cabinets without taking up extra room.

Visual Appeal

Recessed cabinets will transform a space. They combine function and form, making them an excellent replacement for decorative art and a remarkable improvement over a blank wall. You can use them to make any bathroom more visually appealing.

Excellent Value

Adding recessed double-door cabinetry to your home provides an excellent return on your investment. If you’re thinking about selling your home, having built-in cabinets can boost your home’s marketable value by making the space more attractive to prospective buyers.

What Makes Our Double-Door Wall Cabinets Different?

At WG Wood Products, we specialize in crafting custom double-door cabinets. We understand the challenges of bathroom storage. Our products provide thoughtful solutions, whether you’re performing a remodel or looking for a simple upgrade.

Superior Durability

When you order from us, you’re getting a product built to last. We manufacture wood storage cabinets using pinewood for the frames and premium maple hardwood for the doors. They will stand up to wear and keep an attractive appearance for years.

Limitless Customization

When you purchase double-door cabinets from us, you gain the opportunity to customize virtually every detail. We give you control over the cabinet size, door style and frame. Plus, you can select from multiple paint colors, stain finishes and accessories.

Simple Installation

We design our double-door wall cabinets for simple installation. You can quickly implement these cabinets whether you have a background in construction or are tacking your first do-it-yourself (DIY) project. All you need is a tape measure, a pencil, a few hand tools and some off-the-shelf construction adhesive.

Free Shipping

WG Wood Products makes it easy to budget home improvement projects of any size, with free shipping available on orders to addresses anywhere in the continental United States. We build many of our wood storage cabinets to order. In most cases, we’ll have yours complete within 30 days.

Start Building Your Custom Wood Storage Cabinets

Ordering custom double-door cabinets through WG Wood Products is easy. Start with selecting a product, then choose the specifications you want from the available options. You can also reach out to our team for assistance while making your custom design.

Call 913-829-6000 for help or use our contact form.