Custom Wood Finishings for Builders/Contractors

At WG Wood Products, we manufacture storage and organization solutions that solve a wide range of common building challenges. We partner with builders and contractors working on projects of all sizes, and we’ll work with you to create products that will transform the space and impress your clients.

Our products set any project apart, whether you’re handling a new construction, performing a remodel or looking to add special details to a room. The most popular spaces we work with builders and contractors on include:

  • Halls
  • Offices
  • Kitchens
  • Bathrooms
  • Waiting areas

Complete Building Projects With a Stylish Finish

Part of your job as a builder or contractor is collaborating with your clients, suppliers and other employees to deliver results on time. While people tout the importance of collaboration, the impacts of poor teamwork are not often discussed.

When a collaborative approach doesn’t work, your projects could get delayed, your customers may be unhappy or you may end up with products from suppliers that do not match the vision you had for the project.

At WG Wood Products, we can help with that last concern. We provide quality handcrafted cabinets and storage solutions that are unique and customizable. We always listen to our customers and offer fast turnaround times — both of which can alleviate your collaboration woes.

Adding the finishing touches to a project is also challenging because you have to shift your focus from looking at the building on a macro level to homing in on the details. Our products serve as inspiration for finishing up your new build or remodel. If you’re looking for the perfect way to finish a space, our wood products are the answer!

Custom Wood Products for Homes, Apartments and Commercial Businesses

We manufacture an extensive selection of products using 100% solid wood, including pine and hard maple. These items are made to last and look much better than those made from materials like particleboard or MDF. They are suitable for installation in any home, apartment or business space that you want to look larger, more organized and more attractive.

Our product catalog includes:

  • Medicine cabinets: Many homeowners want medicine cabinets for their bathrooms but without the mirror that accompanies many medicine cabinets on the market. We offer framed and frameless recessed medicine cabinets, as well as wall-mounted medicine cabinets, for optimal bathroom storage.
  • Magazine racks: Whether for a home or business, our magazine racks keep all the reading material in one place where it looks good and is easy to reach.
  • Wall niches: You can install our wall niches in any room to add more shelving and create depth. These niches are perfect in hallways, staircases and cozy spaces.
  • Toilet paper holders: Our toilet paper holders are the ultimate recessed bathroom storage solution, with options that provide space for one roll or multiple rolls and extra storage.
  • Kitchen spice racks: We have wooden spice racks that help improve any kitchen, and you can install them anywhere you like for convenient access.
  • Custom wood cabinets: We offer a large variety of custom wood cabinets, including recessed cabinets and mounted wall cabinets such as commercial wood cabinets, kitchen cabinets and more.
  • Additional products: Other products include access panels, media storage units, pet food holders and a selection of parts and accessories.

Each product comes with a list of customization options to make your item unique. Depending on the product, you can add your specific dimensions, choose different frames, select other cabinet doors and get a factory-applied paint or stain. Browse our complete product line to see what each one has to offer.

How to Install Our Products

Our on-the-wall products are easy to mount and come with everything you need to hang. Our recessed niches, commercial wood cabinets and other custom wood products require no hardware for installation. The snug fit of the drywall provides all the support you need. For recessed products, the installation process is simple with these five steps.

  1. Mark your studs.
  2. Trace your lines.
  3. Cut out a hole.
  4. Apply adhesive.
  5. Complete installation.

Why Choose WG Wood Products for Building Finishes

We have an excellent selection of wood finishings and built-ins that will impress your clients. Here’s why you should shop for wood cabinets and storage solutions from WG Wood Products:

  • Customizable options: You may want to customize the products you order to ensure they fulfill your expectations. We offer customization options on all of our products. You can customize an item’s size, finish, mounting options and style to fit your clients’ needs.
  • Quick turnaround: Our products are all available within 30 days, even volume orders. Our QuickShip items ship in three business days or less.
  • Excellent quality: Part of your priority as a builder or contractor is providing a high-quality build for your clients, and that extends to the building’s finishings and built-in features. Our products are made using solid wood, and we craft them using high-quality manufacturing processes.
  • More than 1.5 million users: Our customers and reviews speak for themselves — over the years, we have served over 1.5 million users, and we consistently receive reviews between 4.5 and 5 stars across all of our sales channels. We prioritize listening to our customers, and we understand that their suggestions may even improve our existing products.
  • Vast selection of products: We have over 10,000 items listed on our site, and new products are added regularly. If you don’t find what you’re looking for, give us a call and ask!

Contact WG Wood Products for a Quote Today

At WG Wood Products, we manufacture all our products in the U.S. Our team works fast to complete your custom order, and we ship most orders within just 30 days, including bulk orders. Orders over $50 always get free shipping via ground in the continental U.S.

Contact us today at 913-829-6000 or use our contact form to request a volume quote.

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