Parts and Accessories

At WG Wood Products, we manufacture custom on-the-wall and recessed niches, cabinets and other innovative home improvements made from solid wood. Our products will last for years, even in high-traffic areas. You can make them last even longer by getting your parts, hardware and accessories directly from us.

Our Selection of Cabinet Parts and Accessories

Whether you’re looking to replace a piece of hardware or modify your cabinet or niche, we have affordable parts and accessories designed to work with our products.

Cabinet Shelves

We have an extensive selection of the same glass shelves that we use in all our recessed and on-the-wall cabinet systems. These clear medicine cabinet shelves come in packs of three, and you can choose from options with different depths and widths to fit yours.

Cabinet Hinges

We carry replacement cabinet hinges, including options made for cabinets with 1/2-inch and 1 1/2-inch overlays. These come with everything you need to install and provide the perfect fit, whether you’re refinishing your cabinets or need to replace hinges that are damaged or lost.

Hinge Restrictor Clips

Hinge restrictor clips prevent your cabinet doors from opening more than 85 degrees. They are the perfect way to stop your doors from banging into walls, mirrors, appliances or other cabinetry. This medicine cabinet hardware comes in packs of two and is easy to install.

Shelf Supports

If you’ve lost a few plastic shelf supports that came with your cabinets or want to add more shelving to your unit, these are for you. Each pack of eight includes enough to support the addition of two extra shelves in any of our cabinets.

How to Care for Your Cabinets

Our products are permanent additions to your home, and you can help make them last with a little bit of care. If you want to keep your cabinets looking great and working the way they should, set aside time every few months for some TLC:


  • Caring for your hinges: If your hinges are squeaky, you can use spray lubricant to make them work smooth and silent once again. If they are grimy and greasy, they may need to be cleaned. To clean your hinges, take them off the door and soak them in soap and water. After a while, you should be able to scrub them clean with a soft toothbrush. Rinse and let them dry before putting them back on.
  • Caring for the exterior: Our cabinets are made from solid wood. If they get dirty, you can keep them clean with a gentle and affordable cleaning solution you can make yourself. A 50/50 mix of water and vinegar in a spray bottle with a few drops of dish detergent will usually do the trick. If your cabinets get damaged or you want to change how they look, you can sand them down and apply new paint or stain.


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