Renovate Your Assisted Living Facility With WG Wood Products

Assisted living is a competitive market, with new facilities opening all the time. More important than that, they are people’s homes. You need to keep them updated if you want to keep residents happy and maintain profitability. A renovation will help you stay current, and our products can help provide the creative solutions you can use in virtually every room.

Custom Wood Products for Assisted Living Builds and Renovations

At WG Wood Products, we manufacture a wide range of creative cabinets and storage solutions.

Wood Cabinets

Our wood cabinets provide the perfect storage solutions for residents and staff in skilled nursing facilities. We manufacture a number of styles to select from, with options that include:


  • Recessed cabinets:Our recessed cabinets mount inside the wall, between the studs, providing more space without taking up more room. Some of our most popular recessed options include medicine cabinets, pantry cabinets and bathroom niches.
  • On-the-wall cabinets: Our wall-hanging wood cabinets are suited for any interior space, including kitchens, bathrooms, bedrooms, offices and storage areas. We also manufacture access panel frames and door combinations to cover utility access points.

Magazine Racks

The magazine racks we offer provide a convenient way to access reading materials while adding decorative appeal. We have options designed to store up to 18 standard-sized magazines, plus combination sets that offer increased versatility.

Toilet Paper Holders

Our toilet paper holders add a sophisticated touch to bathrooms, and many offer storage for extra rolls. These products sit inside the wall, opening up more space that makes it easier for people with disabilities and limited mobility to move safely up and down.

Spice Racks

With our on-the-wall and recessed spice racks, you can make kitchen spaces in assisted living facilities look more spacious and attractive. These racks put spices where they’re easy to read and reach, encouraging cooking as an activity and setting your facility apart from others.

The Benefits of Using WG Wood Products in Senior Living Communities

Using WG Wood Products customizable solutions when renovating or building senior living communities offers several advantages.

Custom Solutions

With our products, you’re in complete control of the design. You get to choose virtually all the details, including the size, style and finish.

Quality Products

We manufacture our products in the USA using solid wood. They are built to your precise specifications and made to last.

Simple Installation

Our products are easy to install, and they’re something practically anyone can mount. The process is fast and requires few tools and supplies.

Start Customizing Today

Browse our product categories to see everything we have to offer. When you see something you like, select it to begin adding your all custom touches. If you run into questions or would like assistance putting your order together, we’re always happy to help.

Send us a message letting us know what you need, or give us a call at 913-829-6000.

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