Triple Toilet Paper Holders

At WG Wood Products, we’ve found a way to ensure you and your guests always have enough toilet paper on hand — and without taking up extra space in your bathroom. Our triple toilet paper holder provides space for three rolls and is recessed into the wall for a cleaner, more polished look and more room to move around.

Multiple Roll Toilet Paper Dispensers You Can Install Yourself

A recessed toilet paper holder is something anyone can install to get your toilet paper out of the way while keeping it conveniently within reach. Our triple toilet paper holder has room for two rollers and a cubby where you can fit a third roll or store anything else you want to keep handy.

These products are DIY home improvements that almost anyone can install using a tape measure, a pencil, a level, a jab saw and glue — no power tools required. Once you have a spot in mind, all you have to do is trace the outline, cut out your drywall and glue your triple toilet paper dispenser into place.

Durable Triple Toilet Paper Holders Made to Fit Your Home

Our triple toilet paper holders are all-in-one products that eliminate the need to use a toilet paper storage rack and a wall-mounted holder. They offer many benefits regardless of your bathroom size, layout or home decor.

Superior Construction

These multiple roll toilet paper dispensers are made from solid wood. They can handle years of use much better than products made from MDF or particleboard, and they won’t work themselves out of the wall like the toilet paper rollers you screw in. You can also apply new paint as needed, whether you’re performing an upgrade or want to change how they look during a remodel.

Free Customization Options

With our triple toilet paper holders, you can customize several features to create the ideal product for your home. Simply add the product to your cart, then choose your options to customize the:


  • Depth: We can build to match your studs. Our standard size is to fit 2×4 studs, but we can accommodate 2×6 studs upon request.
  • Roller: These toilet paper holders come with white plastic rollers with the option to choose chrome rollers instead.
  • Frame: We have an extensive selection of decorative frame styles to choose from for a style that fits your decor.
  • Finish: Order your multiple roll toilet paper dispenser unfinished or have us apply a paint or stain.


Order a Custom Multiple Roll Toilet Paper Dispenser From WG Wood Products

At WG Wood Products, we craft custom products using quality materials here in the USA. Our team works hard to deliver products that meet your expectations, and we can complete virtually any custom build in 10 to 30 days. Shipping over $50 is always free to help you save even more.

Start customizing your triple toilet paper holder today! If you need help placing your order, contact us using our online form or call 913-829-6000.