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If you’re looking for replacement glass shelves for your cabinets or wall niches, we have you covered. At WG Wood Products, we make it easy to add new shelves or replace missing or damaged shelving with a wide selection of sizes at affordable prices.

Why Choose Glass Shelves From WG Wood Products?

At WG Wood Products, we have years of experience designing and building cabinets for use throughout your home, including the kitchen, bath and more. We know what works. That’s why we use glass shelves in the products we create. Glass shelves offer multiple advantages anywhere you install them.

Affordable Prices

WG Wood Products manufactures all our products, including wooden cabinets with glass shelves, in the USA. We offer them in packs of three, with options in a range of sizes to fit your dimensions. Custom glass shelves are available if you have cabinets or niches built to different depths and widths than the options provided. We also have extra shelf supports for sale if you need to accommodate shelf replacements or want to add more shelving to your cabinets.

High-End Appeal

Glass shelves are more attractive than options made from particleboard or composite material. These solutions have a simple, elegant appearance that enhances your space and a look that complements virtually any home decor style.

Simple Maintenance

Medicine cabinets, spice racks, wall niches and the other wooden cabinetry with glass shelves we manufacture will inevitably need scrubbing. These products make it easy. Our glass shelves are easy to remove and dishwasher-safe for simple cleaning and sanitation.

Improved Visibility

With glass shelves, you can see where everything is with a glance. This shelving is completely transparent, making it easier for natural light — and the light from our optional LED lighting kits — to pass through and illuminate more at once.

Complete Your Storage Solution Today

At WG Wood Products, we manufacture a wide variety of recessed and on-the-wall products made from solid wood, including cabinets, niches, access panels, toilet paper holders and spice racks. Our catalog includes options for almost any room.

There are many reasons to enjoy our glass shelves — and you’ll enjoy even more advantages of purchasing additional cabinetry and storage solutions from us:

  • Custom solutions: We build products using your custom preferences. You can choose the height, width and depth you need, plus other options like finishes or different doors and trim.
  • Simple installation: WG Wood Products designs our wooden home storage solutions for simple, do-it-yourself (DIY) installation. You can quickly mount them yourself or have a contractor install them during a remodel.
  • Excellent support: Ordering our products is simple, and we’re always available to lend a hand. You can reach us for help with measurements, finishes, designs and all your other questions.

Order your glass shelves today, and we’ll ship them out fast. We carry a wide range of sizes in-stock and will complete most custom orders within 30 days.

Contact us today to learn more about our products or to get assistance placing an order. For help over the phone, please dial 913-829-6000.