Plastic In-Wall Toilet Paper Holders

Just about any bathroom can benefit from more room to stretch out, and our recessed plastic toilet paper holders provide an affordable solution you can install yourself. These holders tuck your toilet tissue rolls into the wall where they are easy to reach and look more attractive.

What Makes Our Plastic Toilet Paper Holders Unique?

Our plastic toilet paper holders have multiple features that make them smart improvements for any master or guest bathroom. They fit single and double-size rolls and come with an antimicrobial additive applied to stop germs from spreading. You can also swap the plastic toilet paper roller out for one made from chrome as a free upgrade.

How to Install a Recessed Toilet Paper Holder

A recessed toilet paper holder is a permanent home upgrade. Taking the time to install yours correctly will pay off in years of convenient use. It’s essential to note that these must go where there aren’t any studs. To find out where yours are, use a stud finder to make sure you don’t encounter any surprises when you start cutting in.

Choose Your Spot

In most cases, it’s appropriate to mount your toilet paper holder about 26 inches off the ground. Whether you should mount yours on a side wall, behind you or facing the toilet will depend on room layout, but it should be within an 8-inch reach of the bowl. Mark the center point so you have something to reference.

Trace Your Lines

Our toilet paper holders have boxes that measure 5.5 x 5.5 inches. Using a pencil, a level, a tape measure and your center point as a guide, trace lines to follow when making your cuts. Make your lines with the help of a straight edge like a ruler or the smooth side of your level. Mark each corner with a solid dot and complete the square.

Make Your Cuts

With your outline ready, you can drill pilot holes on the dots you’ve made that will make it simple to stick your saw in and get to work. Some jab saws have sharp points on the tip that you can use to create a starting point without a drill. Cutting drywall is easy, and you’ve got several inches of space to work with back there. Go ahead and cut out the hole.

Complete Your Installation

The last step of installation requires no tools or hardware to complete. All you need to finish the project is some construction adhesive, and you’re all set. Apply a bead to the back of the frame, being careful to keep back from the edge, and slide the toilet paper holder into place. If any adhesive bleeds over, wipe it off before it dries.

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Our recessed plastic toilet paper holders are in-stock, and we can ship yours within 1 to 3 business days. If you build an order that totals over $50, we’ll cover all the shipping costs for ground freight. Choose the plastic toilet paper holder you want to customize and click on the image to get started.

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