Wood Cabinet and Storage Solutions for Architects

As an architect, you’re used to coming up with inventive solutions to overcome complex design challenges. You also know how important it is that a finished product delivers aesthetic appeal. At WG Wood Products, we make your job easier.

Like you, we’re creative problem solvers, and we manufacture a wide selection of wood fixtures suitable for commercial and residential applications. Our products are fully customizable to deliver the look and function you want and to give your projects the final touch.

Design Architectural Spaces With Quality and Style

Part of your job as an architect is making the most of your clients’ available space, which often means paying special attention to cabinetry. Besides being storage spaces, cabinets can enhance a home or building’s aesthetic appeal through their materials and design.

Wood is a classic choice for cabinets. Wood cabinets are beautiful, durable and customizable — there are unlimited styles to match a homeowner’s or business owner’s preferences. From kitchens and living rooms to bathrooms, there’s a type of wooden cabinet or storage solution for every preference.

Working alongside a wood cabinet supplier can help you find the best cabinets for your clients. At WG Wood Products, we can help you find wood storage solutions made of materials that match the quality of your superb designs. We understand that you need the greatest materials to bring your cabinet and cupboard furniture design to life, and our wood storage units are the way to go.

Work With the Best Wood Cabinet Supplier for Architects

Our catalog includes a variety of different products you can use to simplify designing interior spaces.

Wood Cabinets

We build over a dozen different wood cabinets that make perfect built-in fixtures in kitchens, baths, hallways, garages and just about anywhere you want to add more storage. Options include products you can mount on the wall and recessed wooden solutions that sit flush with the drywall, providing room without taking up space.

Some of our most popular custom wood products include:

  • Pantry cabinets: Framed pantry cabinets have a traditional look that makes them a classic for kitchens. Their sleek design means they fit with any decor style. For a more modern look, you could recommend frameless cabinets to your clients.
  • Storage cabinets: Every bathroom can benefit from more space. If a client’s bathroom is on the tighter side, storage and organization cabinets will come in handy. You can also opt for wall-mounted cabinets instead.
  • Bathroom niches: Make the best use of the space you’re designing with recessed bathroom niches. These shelving units get installed into the wall, increasing storage capacity without taking up space.
  • Medicine cabinets: Many homeowners want a medicine cabinet in their bathroom but do not want the mirror that accompanies most medicine cabinets. That’s why all of our frameless and wall-mounted medicine cabinets come without mirrors. However, our customization options allow homeowners to get a mirror door if they want one. Our medicine cabinet designs are eye-catching and sturdy, helping your clients store toiletries and medications.
  • Access panel doors: These doors conceal things like electrical panels and cables. The panel covers from WG Wood Products are decorative, functional and sturdy for your clients.

Magazine Racks

Our wooden magazine racks make an excellent built-in addition to residential and commercial bathrooms. You can also use them to improve the other places where people spend time and could use a little extra entertainment, like waiting areas and customer lounges. Options include single, double and triple racks, plus magazine racks with added storage and built-in toilet paper holders.

Toilet Paper Holders

The toilet paper holders we make are some of the most innovative items we offer. These products tuck the toilet paper roll into the wall, creating valuable space in the rooms that need it the most. You can use them to make confined spaces more functional and work around complicated obstacles in a building layout. Many styles are available, including single, double and triple holders. We also offer options with room for backup rolls.

Why Choose WG Wood Products to Finish Your Architectural Design?

Partnering with us as the wood cabinet supplier for your next commercial or residential project will provide you with several benefits that make it easier to achieve your vision. When you work with us, you can enjoy the following benefits:

  • Free customization: We offer customization options on all of our products. You may be able to customize the item’s size, finish, style and mounting options.
  • Superior quality: Your designs are built to last, and so are ours. Our products are crafted using solid wood and made using quality manufacturing processes. You want your materials to match the quality of your designs, and our wood products are up to the task.
  • Fast turnarounds: All our products are available within 30 days, including volume orders. We also offer QuickShip items that ship in one to three business days.
  • Variety of options: We have more than 10,000 items on our site, and new products are always being added. You can also give us a call if there’s something in your design that’s not available on the site!
  • Positive reviews: Our products consistently receive between 4.5 and 5 stars across all sales channels.
  • Exceptional service: We will work with you to find the best solutions for your needs, and you can depend on our team to fulfill our end of the agreement.

Request a Quote and Create Your Custom Order

Give your next project an edge with fixtures customized to your requirements. To begin, select the products you like and start adding the custom features you want to include. You can also talk to us for guidance in building out a custom order. We have experience working with architects to design a range of different projects.

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