Bathroom Storage & Organization Cabinets

In most homes, the bathrooms could use a little extra storage. Homebuilders tend to overlook these spaces and leave you with few options for staying organized and keeping your home looking tidy. Many don’t even bother to put in a medicine cabinet any longer because that’s just an added expense which they feel isn’t needed or necessary.  Our custom bathroom organization and storage cabinets provide the solution. These attractive storage cabinets have a recessed design made to make even the smallest bathrooms feel much more expansive.

Looking for Combined Bathroom Storage?

With a bathroom cabinet recessed in the wall, you can take advantage of square footage you may not know you had available to collect and organize everything you need in one convenient location. We manufacture custom bath storage cabinets in several styles and offer configurations with built-in compartments and attachments. Our designs can effectively store:

  • Spare linens: We have options with enough shelving and storage space to create a discreet bathroom linen storage cabinet.
  • Toilet paper: These cabinets come with built-in toilet paper holders, and many have room for storing spare rolls in plain view or hidden away.
  • Bathroom reading: With a custom bath storage cabinet, you can keep your magazines, books and other literature handy for you and your guests.
  • Tissue boxes: Many of our bath storage cabinets have shelves built to the ideal size for storing tissue boxes off the countertop and within reach.
  • Trash cans: As complete units containing everything you need, our bathroom organization and storage cabinets have built-in trash cans which free up valuable floor space since you are putting trash can in the wall!

Unique Features of Our Bath Storage Cabinet Solutions

Whether you would like to install a wall-mounted over-the-toilet cabinet or a storage solution closer to the floor, you can customize your order from a long list of available options to create your perfect solution. With any of our bathroom organization and storage cabinets, you can take advantage of benefits like:

Durable Cabinet Construction

All of our bath storage cabinets are made in the USA using solid pine wood with solid maple doors. We only use quality materials and maintain tight controls over our manufacturing processes to ensure your order meets or exceeds all of your expectations.

Complete Custom Control

We let you customize your order completely. You can order any of our bathroom organization and storage cabinets in thousands of potential design combinations to create a one-of-a-kind home fixture you can enjoy every day.

Free Shipping

We know how important it is to stay within your budget when performing a remodel, and we offer free shipping on all orders over $50 to help keep you there. With any custom order, we typically require two to four weeks of lead time for completion.  However, we know that customers sometimes find us at the last minute.  Therefore, we have options to be able to get your order faster in most cases.

Multipurpose Use

These storage cabinets create a single space you can use to gather all the things you have been shuffling around your bathroom. Our customers are always finding new ways to use the added space provided by a bathroom cabinet recessed into the wall.

Recessed Cabinets

These cabinets fit into your wall to add space without taking up any more. We designed our bathroom organization and storage cabinets to fit between the studs in your wall for a seamless addition that adds both function and aesthetic appeal to any bathroom.  If you’ve ever thought that a wall isn’t very deep and wouldn’t provide much room, think again.  We offer multiple styles of cabinets including many which can be done with our special SixforFour option.  This option gives you a 5.5″ deep cabinet which is made for standard 2×4 walls!  And our customized Stud Straddle cabinets allow your cabinet to use multiple adjacent stud bays without the need to remove any studs.  The cabinet simply straddles over them but will appear to be one complete cabinet.  Nobody will ever know the studs are there.

Find Your Specialty Bathroom Cabinet

Are you ready to make your bathroom feel bigger? Browse our selection to find the bath storage cabinet right for you. For help creating a custom storage cabinet or to get more information about our products, please contact us online or call (913) 829-6000.