Recessed Wall Niches

What Are Recessed Wall Niches?

Recessed niches are shelving units built into the wall. With these products, you can create new storage spaces without taking up any more square footage. They provide an ideal space to display useful and valuable objects where everyone can see them, but where they’re safe and out of the way.

A recessed niche sits between the studs in the wall, and virtually anyone can install them using only a handsaw and common construction adhesive. The low profile makes them a versatile home upgrade you can put anywhere you want more depth and decorative appeal, but still want to keep the walkway clear.

Recessed wall niches are especially perfect for areas like:


  • Kitchens
  • Hallways
  • Staircases
  • Bathrooms


What Sets Our Recessed Wall Niches Apart?

At WG Wood Products, we craft recessed wall niches built to last and made to make your home a more inviting and organized space. Our niches stand out as the do-it-yourself solution that offers more.

Full Customization

Each of our recessed wall niches is fully customizable to provide the exact look and fit you want. We have multiple designs to select from and dozens of standard sizes to help you get started. You can choose an available size or click the one closest to the height you want, then enter custom measurement dimensions.

These niches are all made to fit 2×4 studs, and a 2×6 option is available by request. Other features that you can customize include:


  • Different paints and stains
  • Optional built-in LED lighting
  • Multiple frames to select from

Solid Wood Construction


Unlike the products you’ll find at a big-box store, we manufacture our recessed wall niches using 100% solid pine. Our niches offer several advantages over those made from materials like MDF, plywood and particleboard. They are more attractive and durable, plus you can refinish them with any paint or stain to extend their longevity for as long as you own your home.

Free Shipping

When you place your order, we get to work building a niche according to all your custom preferences. We process, complete and ship most orders, including those with multiple customization options, within 10 to 30 days. These products all qualify for free ground shipping anywhere in the continental U.S., helping you spend more of your budget on making home improvements.

Get a Recessed Wall Niche That Matches Your Home

Select a niche to get started. If you need assistance building one that has the size, look and optional features you want, we’re here to help. Let us know what you need using our contact form or call 913-829-6000.