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    Paint Finishes(Required)

    Choosing a color below will mean that your product is finished for you in that color. Our New ColorMatch Service is also available on this product. ColorMatch is perfect if you are wanting your product to match an existing Sherwin Williams, Behr, Glidden or many other paints you have in your home, or if you just want your product painted in one of their hundreds of colors! Simply choose the ColorMatch below, then add the color number of the paint you want to use in the Special Instructions box at the bottom of this screen before you click "Add to Cart." ColorMatch is available with Sherwin Williams, Behr (Home Depot), Glidden, or Valspar paints. Sheen of the paint will be unimportant because we must use a topcoat over it to protect the finish during shipping. That topcoat is a satin finish.

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    • 30 $
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    Custom Sizing Options

    Many of our customers need a custom size product because they are trying to fit it into an existing opening they already have in their wall.  FIRST, choose the product you want and BE SURE TO ORDER USING THE PRODUCT THAT IS CLOSEST TO THE SIZE (IN HEIGHT) THAT YOU ARE NEEDING. (For instance, if your opening measures 14.5 x 22", you would want a 24" cabinet.) To determine the size product you need, all we need to know is the measurements of your opening in the wall. Simply measure the ACTUAL HEIGHT AND WIDTH of your existing opening and enter that dimension in the textbox below. We will manufacture the product by deducting 1/8" from both measurements, that way you will have a perfect fit. Maximum custom sizing included in the price shown is +/- 4” in EITHER height OR width. If you need your item larger than that, we can absolutely do that. And you can order it online if you wish, and we will adjust your pricing accordingly, or you can call us to place your order.

    Additional shipping will apply. We will not know the exact cost until the product is built and in boxes, weighed and measured. At this time, we will contact you and you will be responsible for the payment. 

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    Available depth options

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    Optional Frame Choice

    With FrameChoice® you can now choose the style frame you want your product to have! Several unique frame styles are available so that you can personalize and customize the product to best suit your needs or desires. The FrameChoice® styles available are shown below. All of the FrameChoice® styles EXCEPT CASING have a 3/4" overhang on the frame which is there to cover the edges of your rough opening. Casing style frames have a 1.75" overhang around the unit. NOTE: If you choose an optional frame choice, it may affect the overall dimensions of the unit. If you are unsure, just give us a call and we can answer any question you may have.
    Click the image to see a larger photo of the available FrameChoice® options!  

    This image displays our 15 different frames.

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    Optional LED Light Kits

    We offer two different types of LED Light kits. One is a motion senseor bar light, and the other has an on/off switch. Motion sensor light kits work perfect in a medicine cabinet because they will come on when you open the door, and go off a short time after you close the door. Perfect for finding medications in the middle of the night without waking your spouse!

    On/Off light kits work perfect in wall niches or curio cabinets because you determine when they go on and off.

    • 20 $
    • 20 $

    Optional Power Outlet

    Our optional power outlet allows you to have power available INSIDE your cabinet. This is perfect for charging toothbrushes, cell phones, music players and other portable electronic devices. The power outlet will need to be wired into your home's existing power which can easily be done by a qualified electrician. What a great way to truly make use of this unique cabinet! The power outlet is positioned in the top of the cabinet. This prevents anything from leaking into it, and allows you the full use of your bottom shelf. You can route your power cords up behind the glass shelves to the top of the cabinet.
    CAREFUL! - If you order a power outlet in your cabinet, DO NOT FRAME ALL THE WAY AROUND YOUR OPENING. You will NOT be able to fit this cabinet into an opening which has been framed all the way around with lumber. This is because the outlet box will protrude either beneath or above the cabinet box itself, so that needs to be clear. Framing all the way around the opening is not necessary anyway.

    • 20 $
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Add this stylish, high-quality storage solution to your bathroom or another area with limited storage space. Our tall recessed wall niche installs between your wall studs to give you extra space for storing bottles, prescriptions, toothbrushes, books and other small items. The open design provides easy access.

Our artisans handcraft this product from solid wood, ensuring you get a long-lasting piece that looks good in your home. The niche also features removable glass shelves that give the storage space an attractive look while making it easy to clean.

The baseline recessed wall bookcase measures 61.5 inches high, 15.5 inches wide and 3.5 inches deep. It requires a wall opening of 14 1/8 inches wide and 60 1/8 inches high. The niche attaches to your drywall using construction adhesive (not included) or screws into the wall studs. It has four shelves with our patented shelf supports to hold whatever you store on them.

Optional additions to this niche include:

  • Custom sizing
  • Custom depth
  • Various frame styles
  • LED light kit
  • Power outlet
  • Paint finishes

This wall niche is an excellent option for storing your bathroom products or adding decorative elements to your home. Adding features like a power outlet can adapt the shelf to your needs, like charging toothbrushes or phones.

Introduce a flexible storage solution to your small spaces with these recessed shelves from WG Wood Products.

Additional information

Weight 32 lbs
Dimensions 72 × 18 × 8 in


  • Overall Dimensions: 61.5″h x 15.5″w x 3.75″d
  • Rough Opening dimensions: 60 1/8″h x 14 1/8″w x 4″d (standard 2×4 walls)
  • Interior Dimensions: 12.5w x 58.5h x 3.5d
  • Shelf Dimensions: 12.5″w x 3.25″d
  • Materials: Solid Pine
Recessed In-The-Wall Richfield Niche 14″W x 60″H x 3.5″D

Recessed In-The-Wall Richfield Niche 14″W x 60″H x 3.5″D