Wooden Door Mounted Spice Racks

What Makes Our Products Different?

Our on-the-wall spice racks are the ultimate upgrade for your kitchen. These products will help you look like a professional chef, whether you have years of cooking experience or are learning as you go. Multiple features make our wall-mounted spice racks for kitchens unique and set them apart from the competition.

1. Multiple Customization Options

When it comes to products you’ll have hanging on the wall for the next several decades, it pays to have one built to match the space. We let you choose your spice rack’s size and finish for something that blends with the other fixtures and compliments your home.

2. High-Quality Products

Our wall-mounted spice racks have superior construction that you can see and feel. We build all of our spice racks using solid wood that passes our strict quality standards. We assemble all of them by hand and reinforce them with concealed screws for a lifetime of reliable, convenient use.

3. Free Ground Shipping

When you purchase one of our wall-mounted spice racks for your kitchen, you get to put more of your budget toward keeping it stocked. We offer free shipping for all of our on-the-wall spice racks, regardless of size.

4. Rapid Production Speeds

With our spice racks, you can have a product with the exact size and look you want — and you won’t have to wait. We offer some of the fastest industry lead times on all our custom on-the-wall spice racks, with orders typically shipping in as few as 10 to 30 days.

5. Countless Satisfied Customers

At WG Wood Products, we have nearly two decades of experience creating custom wood products that last, look attractive and make life easier. We work hard to satisfy our customers with exceptional service, and it shows. We have a 99% five-star satisfaction rating.

Get a Custom Wooden Spice Rack for Your Kitchen

Get the elegant kitchen you always wanted with a custom on-the-wall spice rack made from beautiful natural wood. Contact us today to start designing custom on-the-wall spice racks that fit your space and all your seasonings, or dial 913-829-6000 to order over the phone.