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    Optional MEGA Roll Capacity

    All of our toilet paper holders can accommodate AT LEAST single and double size rolls. However, there are many of them which can also accommodate Mega Rolls also. Do you want to be able to use MEGA TP Rolls in your unit? Have you ever wondered why toilet paper comes in such large rolls that won't work with many holders? The manufacturers can't change the size of the cardboard core, so they just make the rolls longer (and larger diameter!) That's a problem with many toilet paper holders though as they can't accommodate diameters that large. Well this is the option for you! Choosing this option will increase the overall measurements of the unit because it actually increases the height of the TP section itself. Having this option will allow you to use any size rolls that are on the market no matter how large - even the Charmin Mega Rolls. Costco rolls, and Scott 1000's!

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    Chrome Toilet Paper Roller

    Check this option below if you would like your product to come with a chrome toilet paper roller instead of the standard white plastic one.

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Recesses in the wall for a beautiful, yet functional look without taking up any floor space! Must have standard 2 x 4 walls. Works easily with both single and double size rolls. Will NOT work with Scott 1000, Costco rolls, MEGA and JUMBO size rolls. Includes white plastic spring loaded toilet paper roller. Installation is a breeze! Just cut the opening in the drywall and use construction adhesive on the back side of the frame and push it in the wall. Measures 15″w x 23″h x 3.5″d. Your Rough opening needs to be 13 3/8″w x 19 7/8″h x 4″d. Product is stain grade unfinished solid pine. You can paint or stain this item easily. Proudly made in the USA.


Additional information

Weight 11 lbs
Dimensions 28 × 19 × 9 in


  • Overall Dimensions: 15″w x 23″h x 3.5″d
  • Rough Opening dimensions: 13 3/8″w x 19 7/8″h x 4″d (standard 2×4 walls)
  • Materials: Solid Pine
  • White plastic roller included (Chrome roller is optional)

Choosing certain options such as MEGA TP option will increase the dimensions of the Rough Opening as well as the Overall dimensions. If you are choosing any options that you are unsure of whether it will increase the dimensions you’ll use for your Rough Opening, please call us. We’re here to help and we want to make it easy for you.


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Monterey-15 Combination Toilet Paper Holder Recessed Magazine Rack

Monterey-15 Combination Toilet Paper Holder Recessed Magazine Rack